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I dont know why i am annoyed,
Not first time or second, but every time,
Each and every problem, i want to avoid,
Not first time or second, but everytime,
I feel like i am fully destroyed,
My life becomes like a silent mime.

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Everytime i feel annoyed, i run out of the situation,
My anger becomes out of control, i loose my patience,
I ran out the house at late night,
At night, my power is at a very high flight,

For a good duration,
By dodging my parents sight,
I am out tonight.

I cant control my anger i dont know why?
Do i want to control it or not,
I just want to be free, fly free in the sky,
I dont care even if i am spot or being caught,
Image result for annoyedCoz i know that to explore there is a lot.

I even dont know that why i am annoyed,
Either,(in my life) i am not free or i dont have any she,
This is from birth that i hate tea and i want to be free,
And also i love mp3,
Without that i may be annoyed,
I even dont know that why i am annoyed.