President - Reality Or Dream

It started with.... I was sitting on the president's chair, I found myself as the president, According to the wardobe that i wear, It was the best part, i swear. I took the full advantage of being a president, I started making the rules bend, I make a letter for the school and sent, To change the rules as per the president. Change the uniform from formals to jeans shirt, Teachers are not allowed, to students, to hurt,




I always had a sad part,
That feeling tore me apart,
For my eyes its like a dart,
Wait... Let me begin with the start...

I don't know why every one tries to hurt me,
Am i that bad, that i deserve to be?,
Coz of that my tears ought to be free,
To their position where they have to be...

Even if i m laughing, you can see,
But u cant see the tears which are inside like a sea,
They are never ending as they are free,
To come out anytime, but hence, u cant see...

A very few people have seen my tears,
As i mostly didn't, but yes my heart does,
Everytime even for a little things, it feel like affairs,
I wish i could repair this by going backstairs...

As of conclusion...
The more u make my heart pain,
The more it gets stronger and more powerful to handle the situation...

So do not even dare to try...

Nightout... the secret


To my love



My brother described me a story, It was quite horror, all about a mirror, ‌Story was about a dead person and a killer, Both of them were trapped inside that mirror.
From that day, bad dreams started approaching in my mind, I found that killer in my mirror every time I woke up, Every time I see the mirror, I saw that dead person calling me to bind, From that day till now, I saw that killer calling me up.

Days were passing but my fear was on great height, Everytime the mirror has a bright light and trying to holding me tight, From d day all my nights became quite, And my fear had approached a very great high flight.
My mom dad came there as angles and made me sat in front of the mirror, Firstly i screamed, shouted and shiver, Then they made me suit in front of the mirror, Then I realise that it was just an imagination and no one was inside that mirror.
On that day I realise to believe only in what I see, It purely depends upon the process of what see, The way you will see, the way the …