President - Reality Or Dream

Image result for president chair indiaIt started with.... I was sitting on the president's chair, I found myself as the president, According to the wardobe that i wear, It was the best part, i swear. I took the full advantage of being a president, I started making the rules bend, I make a letter for the school and sent, To change the rules as per the president. Change the uniform from formals to jeans shirt, Teachers are not allowed, to students, to hurt,
Minimum 3 hours for sports activities at the first,
Students must be treated as the king not as worst.

Firstly, i distrubuted free chocolates all over india,
Any day, any time, all are freely allowed to go the cinema,
Police force are suppose to go on leave,
As its their time to celeb the eve.

Suddenly i saw some disputes started but i ignored,
By sitting on that chair and giving decisions, i was bored,
I booked my jet and went to abroad,
As i dont have to afford.

When i went back to India i saw some change,
It was less india, more disputes range,
Later i come to know that coz of my decisions it was like this,
All the work got messed up, no one had arranged.

Sunddenly i say a group of people including police force aporaching at me,
They all were having gun, ready to kill me,
I ran from there and asked for protection,
But they were on leave.

They were about to kill me,
And boom!!!! I woke up....

That day i realised,
It not even a bit easy work for them,
It takes a lot for their duties,
Toward us and towards the nation.