Nightout... the secret

Image result for nightoutPeople says every new day is a new start,
For all the new ideas, and a better part,
This new start, starts for me every night,
Firstly, I be quite,
On the height,
Wait for the right light.

All my creativity's key is the dark,
From all my sketches to my poetries, its all the dark,
The dark makes me creative and give me awesome ideas,
And a chance to leave a mark,
And truly, it's all about the dark.

Image result for nightout aloneWhen it's night, I am d king,
No one is going to stop, whether I do anything,
I can draw, can sketch, can play and sing,
It's all up to me, coz i am d king.

I do nightout mostly everyday,
Neither with my friend, nor with my bae,
I am all alone, on my own way.

The steady street light,
The silent road's sight,
Image result for nightout aloneThe cool wind's bite,
And the soft and sweet light,
This is what people fail to see at night,
But I see this beauty is in every sight.

Night for me like,
Taj to Shah Jahan,
Romeo to Juliet,
Lock to key,
No one can separate them ever,
As they r together meant to be...