Image result for travelling picsI was driving at a speed of 110,
With my girlfriend on my back,
Including me there was 7 men,
We were all riding on our fixed track.
It was the time of being just 18,
Holding the new licence with me,
We all went to Ladakh on bike for a scene,
And return back to our homes as fast as it could be.

Parents were not knowing about this, but why they ought to be,
We came back home safely, after watching the beautiful sea,
We went early night, lying on our parents as they would never agree,
Can't forget the trip as it was so awesome as it could be.

Image result for travelling on motor bikeWe took our all seven bikes,
Filled up the tanks, as we were about to go to hiking,
Me driving the bike, on my back my GF sitting,
Holding me tight, as much we were liking,
Like driving every fast and continuity singing.

We went that overnight and also came back,
No one could stop us, as we were in the black,
Image result for travelling with girlfriendWe then enjoyed a lot,
Danced and also ate a lot,
No one could stop us.

All those tight hugs and the speedy wind,
All those close steps and that free mind,
All this craziness, that we did,
And that night that we bid,
I am not going to forgot,
I am not going to forgot.

Image result for travelling
That crazy night travelling,
I am not going to forgot,
I am not going to forgot.

And that friendship,
I am not going to forgot,
I am not going to forgot...