To my love

Image result for pls be mineYou are too cute,
Please be mine,
I truly love u, you can check,
Any day, any time.

I promise i will never let u down,
I promise i will never leave your crown,
I promise to give u my first preference,
I promise to be yours, just be mine.

I will never let your heart break,
Even for that my bones break,
Yours wish will be my command,
Truly its not fake.

I want u again in my life,
Till the legal age as my gf,
And after that as my wife,
And for sure.

I need u for many reasons,
So that i got someone for spending my booooooring seasons,
So that i could talk about all ifs and buts,
All ups and downs,
For having my full part with me, not my better half,
For spending my whole life with,
And also for celebrating each and every festival with.

Today also i miss all the times when we met together,
I also miss the place where we sat,
All the talks that we had,
And also the fear of mom and dad,
I want to repeat all these everyday with you,

Image result for partnerI always wanted a partner,
Whom i can spend all my time,
Either by meeting,
Or on phone by talking.
I feel myself in you,
Remember that time when you said kirti,
About the urge to hug,
The same feeling was in my mind,
Remember when we sat near the window and my mom called,
When i was leaving i have a shake-hand with u,
That moment, till date, replays in slow-motion in my mind everyday.

I dont know that why i have broken up with you,
According i got some news about u,
It was my mistake that without checking i thought it was true,
But later on i knew it was just a rumor,
But that time i should talk to you,
Image result for i love uI am sorry from the core of my heart.

I promise that if i have any confusions,
I will sort out with u,
I love u,
I love u,
I love u.

But yes you also have to promise me,
That if any confusion arises in your mind, you will come to me,
We will together short that out,
But please dont cheat me,
It pains u know, and i also know,

I will give u every happinezz you need,
Every time i will keep u very very very very happppppy,
I will do everything for you even extending my limits,
I have written also a song for you.

I have many future plans with you,
Just be mine,
Will together face the world,
Will together live and die.

We gonna go on dumas beach and shoot the video of the songs,
Will sing together the songs,
Related imageWill publish together the songs,
Both will get famous together,
And also get name and fame together.

From the date u were mine,
I have stopped seeing any girl from that sight,
Except you,
We will together gonna shine.

There is a lot more to say u,
That these words cant define,
So i am ending it now,
Just be mine,
Be fine.