I'm am not alone

Image result for not aloneI was thinking that I am all alone,
It is just my thinking; it is not as shown,
When they are with me all my tension is gone,
I feel like they have given me a crown.

They never let me being alone ever,
Not because, in future, I want to be Bieber,
It can be coz I am much clever,
Image result for not aloneTheir care to me continues like river,
They also care, when I shiver or I had fever,
They never let me being alone ever…

They all are with me, coz I m a good leader,
As I make them feel like my dear,
That’s why we are friends forever,
This makes me a good leader.

In a very short period of time I made them my friend,
And I know that in their friendship there will never be dent,
Our relation will never be any bend,

Either we have to live in the tent.