My brother described me a story,
It was quite horror, all about a mirror,
‌Story was about a dead person and a killer,
Both of them were trapped inside that mirror.

From that day, bad dreams started approaching in my mind,
I found that killer in my mirror every time I woke up,
Every time I see the mirror, I saw that dead person calling me to bind,
From that day till now, I saw that killer calling me up.

Days were passing but my fear was on great height,
Everytime the mirror has a bright light and trying to holding me tight,
From d day all my nights became quite,
And my fear had approached a very great high flight.

My mom dad came there as angles and made me sat in front of the mirror,
Firstly i screamed, shouted and shiver,
Then they made me suit in front of the mirror,
Then I realise that it was just an imagination and no one was inside that mirror.

On that day I realise to believe only in what I see,
It purely depends upon the process of what see,
The way you will see, the way the thing will be,
I learnt from my mistake and left the bloody nightmare free....